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Xbox One Patch Notes v1.21.1.0

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.21.1.0 includes fixes for the Stonethorn dungeons, some item sets and general combat – including getting locked out of using some movement position abilities – a few game crashes, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 10.18 GB.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not pass through the mountain cave tunnel in Nchuleftingth.


  • Castle Thorn
    • General
      • The entrance to Castle Thorn is now easier to interact with.
    • Dread Tindulra
      • Dread Tindulra's Flame Retch no longer inexplicably removes player abilities.
    • Lady Thorn
      • Lady Thorn will use her Scatter and Incursion abilities much less frequently on Normal difficulty.
  • Stone Garden
    • General
      • Zoning into a fresh version of this dungeon now removes any of the Alchemized boons that were applied in previous instances of Stone Garden.
    • Arkasis the Mad Alchemist
      • Shutting off a Vitalizer Flow Control now correctly stops the Dwemer pistons from pumping fluids into the corresponding Bloodknight container in Arkasis Laboratory.


  • Fixed an issue where movement position abilities, such at leaps or charges, could become locked out after being affected by an Immunity area like Imperial City spawns.
  • Fixed an issue where your character animations could break while using a personality. 
  • Fixed an issue if you had most abilities unlocked, you could start seeing some abilities as acquirable when you had already acquired them. This issue was also preventing you from bar swapping or reviving after death.

Mundus Stones
  • The Thief: Reduced the Critical Chance ratings granted to 1333, down from 1537. 
    Developer Comment:
    Along with Precise, both of these sources of Critical Chance have been reduced to our new standard of Set Bonus Efficiency, which we will move to at a more holistic level in a future update.

  • Precise: Reduced the Critical Chance granted to 7.2%, down from 8.6%. 
    • Known Issue: One-Handed Weapons currently appear to not get the full amount and are missing .1% Critical Chance on the character UI. 

Item Sets
  • Arkasis: Fixed an issue where this set had no range to applying its bonus. As much of a handsome mad genius Arkasis was, he was not capable of infusing victims from thousands of meters away. 
  • Titanborn Strength: This set now only applies its enhanced bonuses based on Missing Health while you are in combat. This set will help reduce the staggering amount of kill potential when paired with stealth and self-damaging abilities such as Blood Frenzy. 


  • Any new installations of the game will now have English voiceover when running the game in Russian.

  • Fixed an issue where some mounts would appear in the wrong Crown Store categories.
  • Added light effects to the Nerien’eth arms pack for the Dagger, Shield, Staff and Bow to match the 2-Handed Sword.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when editing housing path nodes.
  • Fixed an uncommon issue that could result in other players being temporarily unable to edit or interact with your furnishings when more than one of your homes was occupied at once.

  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of the “Dwarven Table, Refined” furnishing changed unexpectedly. This furnishing once again has its original, intended appearance.

  • Fixed a very rare crash that was most common in high intensity combat scenarios with many characters.
  • Fixed an issue where your game could crash while in the Crown Crate menu.

  • That Which Was Lost: The bounty hunter can now be pickpocked at part of Velsa's quest for the Thieves Guild.
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