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New Approach to Arena Loot Is Needed

A new approach to obtaining loot in arenas is needed. At the very least, within Maelstrom.

While this is an MMO and a certain amount of grinding is to be expected, the only thing that makes the grind tolerable at all is the fact we can trade gear at the end of a dungeon or trial. While this can be a pain sometimes, especially in pugs, because people aren't always responsive to trading gear and an addon is required to see what loot actually drops, the grind isn't generally that bad with few exceptions (burning spellweave inferno staff I'm looking at you).

The reason I'm making this thread is specifically to do with Maelstrom Arena. A number of the sets that drop there are quite valuable or interesting to use. However, a single run of Maelstrom Arena generally takes 30mins if you're fairly experienced with it but usually closer to 45mins or an hour. However, since it's a solo arena, the amount of grinding to get just the actual Maelstrom weapons is a grind like no other, but trying to get the actual sets within Maelstrom Arena is an absolute nightmare.

There are so many ways that exist currently that could be adopted to make gear less of a chore to get. I would like to see some of them explored and expanded to places like Maelstrom. Things like making Maelstrom Arena a fixed, undaunted daily pledge so you can get undaunted keys for completing it and then making an undaunted vendor within the arena that sells random parcels for the individual sets. Another option would be to include key fragments in each chest and create a vault chest that players can use to get additional gear. Could even make an AP vendor so the PvP community had easier access to the sets.

Anything could be done at this point to make the grind more bearable and it could be expanded to included the arena weapon sets too and for all the arenas as well if it's well received. But something needs to be done because doing the 30+ runs for that Maelstrom Inferno staff is one thing. But doing nearly 100 runs and still not getting a Winterborn Staff, a Hunt Leader 2hander of any kind, etc. is getting tiresome.
  • Stinkyremy
    Easiest way is to make arena level drop a specific piece, so for eg level 1 always drops a belt of the sets, level 8 drops weapons for the sets.
    At least that way you only have to do up to level 3 if you need winterborn gloves then you can just bow out and do it again.
    I don't agree with the "solo dungeon" being any different from another dungeon when it comes to drops but I do agree the RNG should be contained because it is solo so you only have one chance you can't trade.
    A trader like undaunted for gear or malestrom weps would take the whole novelty away from vma.
    Maybe a way to trade in gear in the arena, so 3 pieces of hands you can then trade in for the specific set you want, but still random trait.
    Something like that.
    In reality, they should just make the gear there be able to be sold, not bound just like DSA. Keep the maletrom weps bound of course. This would solve the issue completely.

    I am concerned about the RNG myself too as I was farming weapons and winterborn a few years ago, I got all the weps I need but still didn't get the gear, not even the gear with wrong trait, I just didn't get the gear at all.
    I have to farm it again soon too, so here is hoping.
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