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Missing Code of Conduct Addition

I tried to start playing ESO again yesterday and was forced to accept the Code of Conduct ... no big deal. But then I used Dungeon Finder to find a group for the DLC pledge and had the tank leave the group after the first boss pull. It occurred to me that ESO doesn't even suggest that leaving a group early is rude and inconsiderate of others when the player attempts to leave (other games do this), nor are there any consequences to leaving a group early. This seems like a glaring omission to the Code of Conduct. No to pick on tanks necessarily, but this happens all too often with tanks using DF who say ... don't get the random dungeon they wanted. I think if you've opted to use Dungeon Finder, you've implicitly agreed to see it through (or perhaps die a minimum number of times). I think there should be consequences more serious than a 15-minute DF ban. I don't think the players left behind even get a priority queue when they seek a replacement.
  • LadyNalcarya
    It wouldn't force them to stay, though. They would just stop using group finder altogether.
    Dro-m'Athra Destroyer | Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor | Voice of Reason

  • svendf
    force will not change anything I would leave anyway if I found it was right to do so.
  • mobicera
    I will not stay if you're not ready for the content.
    I have 0 obligation to spend 3 hours teaching basic gameplay mechanics to people in vet dlcs who should have learned those long before entering vdlc.
    Dungeon mechanics are one thing if people are trying and at least making the dungeon possible in a reasonable amount of time I will generally stay and teach mechanics.(assuming I actually que up without a group of at least 3 anymore)
    However a change like this and if I'm bored enough to actually random que I will simply play something else and just not ever use it again.
    I know you are frustrated but sometimes well leaving is justifiable and really for the person who left the best thing they could do for themselves.
    Edited by mobicera on September 14, 2020 3:33PM
  • Larcomar
    randallkn wrote: »
    the tank leave the group after the first boss pull.

    If he went as far as the first boss, he didn't leave because he "didn't get the random dungeon he wanted." He left because your dps wasn't good enough or you didn't understand basic mechanics.

    "I think there should be consequences more serious than a 15-minute DF ban." I'd actually be up for that. As long as there's an equivalent for dps who can't do their job. Say, a 1 day ban for every 1k dps you do below, say 25k on the first boss? Sound fair?

  • etchedpixels
    There are lots of real world reasons you have to leave groups early - life, kids, delivery people, important phone calls. Even if you had a rule how would you tell them apart. Not everyone in ESO has no other commitments in life.

    If you want sensible groups join a guild and do it with the guild folk. Quite why anyone uses the dungeon finder is a bit of a mystery to me - especially on PC where guild groups generally have voice chat via discord etc and randoms don't.

    Too many toons not enough time
  • Kurat
    Group dps was probably too low. People who have done enough dungeons can tell before or at first boss if its gonna be rough ride or even impossible.
  • Pixative
    This is a game, not a job. Learn to empathize with other humans instead of demanding insane codes of conduct to punish them for daring to inconvenience or annoy you.
  • Noldornir
    When one Q for a Vet DLC dungeon he should REALLY be sure he's even ready for what's about to come.

    Many things in ESO are just impossible/extremely hard with poor DPS especially from a tank perspective (the longer the fight lasts the less resources a tank will have until he'll fall eventually).

    I find leaving a group is perfectly fine and no penalty should be given at all; I mean what are my options if for any reason I don't like the group I got? get punished cool!

    If i'm tank and DD don't do damage should I rot in said dungeon even if i can realize after 5 mins it's suicide?
    If i'm DD and tank doesn't taunt am I supposed to keep getting slapped and 1shot by a boss that shouldn't even be after me?

    This is a GAME where ppl should ENJOY and have a NICE TIME which can happen only if everybody respect (in a wide sense, not only being nice) the others, if you respect a player that does Vets (and you should since u Qing in vets) you must bring what it is expected from you: Damage as DD, taunt/CC/buff/debuff if you are a tank, heal/buff/debuff if you are an healer.

    You can't expect "the tank" (in this example) to be nice and stay cool while DPS is low, he left instead of being toxic or offensive and that's his full right or we can just name it as it should: Slavery -> you are forced to stay in any group you get regardless.

    If for any reason a punishment should come all tanks would never Q again as such since most casual players DPS is lower than required and since u just have to stay with them till they clear (assuming they can) or get punished.

    Tanks shortage is already an issue, let's not make it worse.

    BTW if you deal a good DPS tanks will stick by you because most of them only want good DPS to enjoy their game (I both tank and DD and, as tank, experience is terrible when DPS is low for the content I'm in: harder, not fun, not enjoyable)
  • idk
    There are consequences for leaving a GF group early. There is a 15 minute lockout timer that starts when the group is formed. That is inline with what I’ve seen in other games and is very appropriate.

    This is not something that’s worthy of the code of conduct.
  • svendf
    No one should be forced to stay in a group, they feel isn´t the right one for them.

    Have you been playing this game for a while, then you will be able to se in,which direction a run will go - even a digital char have a body langue, which can tell you alot. Many know about it, but don´t think about it, it´s just there and can be observed.

    As a tank (and I know many have the same go at it as I), and that is if some in the group use the Daedroth moster set - chances are I will leave if I tank. Healer or dd I don´t care, but do understand if a tank say goodbye and gl and leaves.

    Others mention low dps. Sure why not, not all have time for a wipe party going on the, whole evening or most of the day - or a few hours.

    There are some dlc dungeons I do not tank as i`m new at it, eventhough I´m a cp810 and many of us know that cp isn´t everything. Do one of the dungeoons come up as a random, then I do excuse myself and inform the group I need to check the dungeon before tanking it.

    This simply because I do not want to be a burden for the group. There are player´s outthere, who don´t give a flying ...... someting about the group, knowing the dungeon or anything else for tthat matter and I don´wanna be part of a group like that.

    That´s why leaving a group is important so you are able to enjoy and have fun, wihout any stress or other negative things.
    Edited by svendf on November 30, 2020 8:56AM
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