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The Binding Stones - I mean, let's be honest, we're all here to have fun

Soul Shriven
The Binding Stones is an European centered guild with people from all over the world. Our time spent playing this game is in many ways our most precious one. It's the time you chose to spend on nothing but having fun, progress virtually and bond with like minded people.

We here in TBS are here to maximize that experience. We're not elitist, we're not a roleplaying guild and we're not looking for a min/max turnaround. However we do enjoy taking on endgame challenges while at the the same time we have something to offer for all levels of players.

- We have a core group for vet trials, always looking for new, dedicated members, ready to tackle the end-game content of ESO.

- We host social events, such as drinking games, map completion events and fashion shows.

- We have a flourishing discord with lots of information and people eager to answer your questions and help you become the best ESO player you can be.

- Our guild hall is almost complete. We're currently working on getting all the crafting stations.

Our only requirements are that you are CP 160 and are here to have fun and feel like you wanna stay a while.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us on Discord or in-game!

Discord: TheRaOct#5783 or gonz#5897
ESO: @TheRaOct or @Godess-Hel
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