Quick cast ground abilites on button press instead of release ?

Is there any addon that alow you to quick cast with button press ? I know that ESO has build in option but it works on button release for some of skills (ex. Endless hail) and i got used to quick cast that go instant when i press the button from diferent games.
Also something that would stop key from reapeat would be also great. I have tendency to keep mouse button pressed for a 1-2 second and most of my aoe is bind to mouse what couse me sometimes to cast spell 2 times instead of once. I was searching for something like that but i didnt found it (maybe im just too stupid). Sorry for my english skills but its not my native language, still i hope i didnt make too many mistakes.
  • Easily_Lost
    As far as your mouse button, have you tried looking at the web site for that mouse.
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  • Janusm
    Yeah i did but in old mouse it was like i press button and its done, no repeat now it repeat all time till release.
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  • Baertram
    There is no addon which is able to control this. Addons cannot. They could prevent casting of the skills as you press them, that's all. But they cannot change the way the mouse or keyboard key interactions are done nor trigger them in any way -> to prevent botting.

    You'd need to find a driver of software for your mouse which emulates the key press, e.g. mouse3 -> emulate key K UP. And then assign key K in the ingame ESO controls. If you press the mouse button it would emulate the K UP event and thus cast the skill.

    Not sure wich tools are able to do this. Most mices go software shipped with it, so check at the mouse's creatr website. Or search for mouse keyboard eumaltion or similar online. I think there was something called AutoKey or similar.
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