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The biggest tradealliance on PC-EU is recruiting, join the Independent Trading Team

Hello everyone,
the Independent Trading Team was merged from the 2 tradealliances Independent Traders and the Tamriels Trading Team. This new collaboration of well known tradeguilds is constantly looking for new members to join our ranks! We will always find a place for you!

With 10 amazing guilds, we form the biggest tradealliance currently active on the PC-EU Server! All of our guilds have the word "community" written all over them. We aren't just tradeguilds. Every single guild of us, is known to be a place where everybody can feel welcome! All this whilst having combined Sales of way over 700 Million gold weekly. We show other tradeguilds that community and good sales performance do not need to be mutually exclusive!

We have multiple guildhalls, a plethora of events ranging from lotteries, auctions to giveaways!

The Guilds currently in ITT:
  • -Cashflow, our figurehead, is home in the amazing tradehub Belkarth!
    Requirements: 25k contribution (500k Sales or a 25k Donation)
  • Tamriels Emporium, usually located on the best spot in Mournhold, Tamriels Emporium keeps on improving!
    Requirements: 15k contribution (400k Sales or a 15k Donation)
  • Rolling Coins, is one part of the trinity The Coins! Loads of events and a vibrant community! RC is also usually located in Belkarth
    Requirements: 10k weekly fee
  • The Noble Merchants, a weekly sales-/ and donationbased lottery, awesome community and still room to grow. Nobles is usually located right beside in Eldenroot!
    Requirements: 8k contribution (225k Sales or a 8k Donation)
  • Merchants of Magnus, one of the oldest guilds in this alliance, its usually located in Leyawiin.
    Requirments: 7k contribution (200k Sales or a 7k Donation)

  • Shining Coins, is located in Eldenroot! Like all coins, its a part of something bigger than itself, with a huge community cut in 3.
    Requirements: 8k weekly fee
  • Rächer-Handelskontor, simply the best german tradeguild! Home to Wayrest in Reapers March RHK continues to amaze with its strong and tight community!
    Requirements: 50k Sales or a 5k Donation
  • Cash and Carry, home in Wayrest a social tradeguild which will steal your heart immediately!
    Requirements: 7k Sales or a 999g Donation weekly!
    The entrance fee 10k gold should be paid only for once when you join the guild (in first two days)
  • Flipping Coins, usually located in Leyawiin! Also part of the Coins, you will find an amazing community and a bunch of events in here!
    Requirements: 8k weekly fee
  • Eternal Forest Merchantry, also usually home in Solitude, EFM is our entry level guild! An incredibly helpful community and the experience of all the guilds in this alliance combined will help you grow as a trader in a safe environment!
    Requirements: 4k contribution (100k Sales or a 4k donation)
All of these guilds call one of the biggest and most active tradediscords their home! With guides, events, chats, memes tips, funny moments and loads of emotes we would be more than happy to welcome you in our midsts!

Join now!


(Fiktius, HSVFAN, Lissy3001, JN_Slevin and Stase4ka)
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