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(PC/EU) LF Progression Group/Guild vAS+2 (IR) [as MagPlar Healer]

As I tried using the in-game guild finder to find what I look for and It didn't really result, I am here to find a progression group for vAS+2 or potentially IR.
I am a MagPlar healer, my experience of PvE is as shown down below:
1. All vCrag HM
2. vMoL HM
3. vHoF HM
4. vCR+1
5. vSS
6. vAS+1
7. vBRP + vDSA + vDLC Dungeons No Death/HM (If it helps to point out my healing skills)

I have all the required sets for healers, up until this point I've completed vAS+1 as front kiter but I wasn't using ZenMK. All the groups that I had a chance to play with are dead so I couldn't finish my progress. The only character I have for this trial is Magicka Templar as a healer. Please do ask questions if you have any here. I will write down my discord ID in case you need it.

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