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Looking for completionists to group with

I am looking for other people who focus on completing all zones instead of raids or pvp. My name on Xbox & in-game is OGCryptor. I would love to find other people who like to focus on completing maps. I am currently going through every zone story quest chain ion the game and I think I am getting close :)

Because I could not find an existing casual completionist guild out there I started my own https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/541185/xbox-na-social-casually-xbox-now-in-eso-join-our-newly-created-eso-chapter/p1?new=1 if anyone is interested.
Casually Xbox Guild: Discord Server - Recruiting Thread - Guild Website - My information: Instagram - Twitch Stream - Youtube Channel - Discord Server - Xbox GT: OGCryptor - Mastodon Profile
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