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LF players for prog pve runs (PC NA)

Hi all,

we (small group of friends, guildies) are looking for more like minded people that want to tackle some of the harder pve content in this game together.
When i say harder content i am not talking about godslayer and stuff like that (at least not yet :) ). Right now we are trying to get a clear for vCR+0 for example. Also working on getting better/more efficient at vBRP. And we could always use more people!
What we are looking for: more players that are caught somewhere between hardcore endgame stuff and vet dungeons. Really anyone that wants to improve their skills in a friendly but dedicated environment.
If you are interested in joining us feel free to let me know here or in game (same @name as in forums). We also got a discord where we are organizing our runs.
One last important note: we are usually playing earlier in the day as we have people from very different timezones in the group most of the time. 1 pm to 6 pm est are our core hours.
Thx for reading this and have a nice day!
  • vanwilder
  • Eormenric
    I think I'd fit nicely with your group. I'm a skilled, endgame-minded person, but casual in how I get there. Add @Eormenric for any role.
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