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Heals-Hurts the Argonian Templar

I may use this thread to post some in-character journals as I play through Elder Scrolls Online. For the first post, I just want to show off my character. I created an ESO account some time ago but never got the chance to really play until now. I am starting with the Summerset tutorial, but will follow a guide to play the content in order. I know it's not much, but I wanted to make sure I have an idea of who my character is before I begin. Any suggestions, tips, or ideas for improvement are appreciated.


Name: Heals-Hurts
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Race: Argonian
Class: Templar

Personality Traits: While Heals-Hurts keeps focus on what is most important, she will also take risks if it means helping someone in need.
Ideals: Aspiration. Having earned her freedom, after being born into a life of slavery, Heals-Hurts wants to make something of herself.
Bonds: Even though they kept her as a slave, Heals-Hurts feels she owes her life to House Redoran and the priest that helped her earn her freedom.
Flaws: Heals-Hurts is recovering from an addiction to skooma; an addiction her former masters gave her.

Backstory: Heals-Hurts was born into House Redoran slavery. While life growing up was rough, there was no other life for her to compare, and so she was content with what she had. Her parents both died when she was a young teen during an attempted coup for freedom.
After determining that she might have an aptitude to manipulate magicka (as well as feeling sorry for the now orphaned lizard), a House Redoran priest requested and was granted permission to take her on as an apprentice, as well as giving her the name Heal-Hurts. Though there were times the priest could be cruel (mostly when Heals-Hurts was careless or intentionally disobeyed), she was treated well. The priest not only helped her learn how to manipulate magicka to cast spells but also helped her earn her freedom. Now with the Ebonheart Pact being formed, Heals-Hurts feels obligated to help tend the soldiers’ wounds on the battlefield.

Personal Goal: Heals-Hurts aspires to travel to Black Marsh and learn about her ancestry and experience the hist firsthand.
Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Eporem
    were another Argonian were to meet Heals-Hurts in Summerset and they exchanged their names and a bit of how they came to be there, this other Argonian would ask if it was the Priest that introduced her to Skooma, she would also tell Heals-Hurts that her aspiration to travel to Black Marsh to learn of her ancestry is a good one, for perhaps there she will learn of her true Jel name, as this House Redoran Priest seems to know, in the naming of her, nothing of the true spirit of Argonians.

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