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Experienced PVP/PVE PS4 na player LFG

Soul Shriven
Looking for highly active group.

I do have a headset and microphone.

I played PVP with IMAGE from 2008 to 2013. I was a recruiter, forum mod, and leader during my time.

I played Starcraft with LoS from 1998 to 2002. Which I ended up as a leader of too.

I've played various PVP games since UO. I've played PvE since games where created. These are the two bigger time's I actually joined a group.

I am currently retired. I'm currently a highly active player. I am new, but I learn fast.

In game name is Tpwn. PS4 is Trip_Pwn
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  • Toxic365
    Hey man I am the Gm of the guild RECKLESS. We are smaller but growing with 21 members as of right now. Our ranks are stacked with hardcore to veteran players and casual to hardcore. A lot of us do work still though but would love to have you join. We do bet content everyday. My PSN is Hangman_59
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