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[3D print] Salagar, the character of a friend

Today I bring a print I made for a friend. Another friend and I wanted to make him a gift, so my friend gave me lots of ideas and feedback as I worked on the sculpt of this character, and then printed it. Today he finally recieved it. I hope you guys also like it!

This is the print


And a high res digital render

[EU-EP-PC] @Kynes_Peace

Hjalmar Bear-Heart - Main, Stamina Warden
Svari Wild-Hawk - Magicka Nightblade
Hulda the Wild - Stamina Warden
Greg the Witchman - Magicka Necromancer
Cassius Gallus - Stamina Sorcerer
Nari War-Shield - Magicka Templar Healer
Hronvir Winter-Winds - Tank Warden
Zuna Ice-Bear - Stamina DK
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