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[PS4] Game is creating character on NA server despite selecting EU

I created new account for my gf, chosen Europe server, made a character, played for a while and closed the game. To my surprise when next time she started the game there was no character for her (but game remembered Europe server...). I checked and her character was on NA server.

So I tested it, created another account for test, selected Europe and I can confirm that even if you select Europe as your server, your first character will be created on NA server!!! This is possibly game breaking for some new people as they will not be able to transfer those characters to server they wanted. If they will not see this bug in time, they will be too far gone and either leave the game for good or made peace with it and never be able to play with friends...

Look at this for the sake of people new to the game...
Edited by ZOS_Bill on August 13, 2020 6:23PM
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