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EPIC - An Ebonheart Pact Social Guild - Seeking new friends

EPIC – An Ebonheart Pact Social Guild

Hi Folks -

Our team is looking to add a few good people. We’re primarily a social guild, which to us means that we care more about developing relationships and hanging out with cool people than we do about what content we’re doing on any given night. Depending on the preferences of the players on our team at the time; we’ll roll into trials, pvp, housing, crafting, social events what have you.
While the above sounds loose, we are looking for pretty specific things depending on where you are in your ESO journey.
Basics for All

1. Be chill with the different levels of competence within the guild. Everyone is in a different place with game skill. If you’re awesome, help others. If you stink, learn from others. Don’t be a jerk at either end of the spectrum (overly elite or excuses). It’s a game. No one gives out medals.

2. Discord is a requirement of the team. Hanging out in voice with folks when you’re online and able to is really important. Reading the weekly calendar and announcements (not a lot of them but we run and organize everything in Discord) is important. So have and use Discord.

3. Be interested in a team that’s kept small intentionally and removes inactive people often. We’re not growing beyond 75 to 100 folks. Realistically we’ve never gotten over 35 before folks have gone quiet, left or been removed. We don’t hold on to inactive accounts. This is our first attempt to recruit on a large scale after building a solid core of good folks.

4. Understand that the point of the place is to be social. Big guilds lose track of people and small guilds tend to attract folks that don’t do well in big groups. We look to generate a big social experience inside a smaller guild. If you’re a quiet person that doesn’t interact or connect with people, this isn’t the place for you; but if you’re a huge personality that doesn’t know when to shut up or filter, it isn’t either. Both are anti-social behaviors.

5. We run on US Eastern Time and are most active between 8pm and 12am. We don’t run formal guild events on Sundays though you’ll find people playing and having fun. We also try to run a second night off during the week as a few of us have family responsibilities or just enjoy getting a good night’s sleep. If this works for you, it’s best.

6. There are no age restrictions but we don’t tolerate any of the things that would break ZOS TOS. We are cool with benevolent juvenile behavior; but anything with malicious salt is not welcome.

Game Stuff

If you’re a brand-new player we ask that you have at least one Ebonheart Pact character that you intend on playing. We’re going to be helping you to learn the game, gear, and likely take you for the first time into things to get you used to them. In exchange we’d love to be able to pvp with you. That requires a faction commitment. Our GM is really into PvP. He stinks at it but he’s the type to hit doors with his face til they open.

If you’re a mid-game player we ask that you’re willing to learn the roles you want to play well. This does mean the use of plug-ins, the use of builds to figure out how to tune your characters and the good nature to play with both less and more experienced players while being chill. We want to get to know you and have fun while prepping you for end game.

If you’re an end-game player we ask that you are the type to be tolerant and hold back public expressions of elitism unless you’re in a group where everyone is elite. Be willing to help others get where you are. In exchange we’ll listen to you.

Again, the most important thing on this team is being social. We’ll push vet end game when everyone is in lockstep but that starts with liking each other – which is much harder in practice and execution than it sounds.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of here’s how you get to us.
Discord Link

Join the server and read our #rules channel. Moderators get pinged when a new person joins the server and we’ll reach out to you to start a conversation the next time we’re on. Note our peak hours. If you join at 2am EST we’ll likely be back to you by 8pm the following night.

Be well folks and see you in Tamriel!
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