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Stillwaters Retreat frozen lake is too small

While i really love the theme and the idea of a frozen lake with a secret cave, i find the building area quite small at the end (compared to moon sugar meadow and Coldharbour Surreal Estate).
Also, the lake is REALLY enclaved, you can't build anything on the rock or the snow since everything is blocked by invisible wall.

Here's a little drawing showing the actual wall i experienced (red) VS what i hope i would be (blue).

By comparison look at the size of the building area on moonsugar meadow!!!

Did you guys experienced any problem with these invisible wall?
  • Azurya
    Asdara wrote: »
    Did you guys experienced any problem with these invisible wall?

    yeah, still not able to find up to the top of the Red Mountain in Vvardenfell......
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  • kaisernick
    I suppose their justifaction for the size is because you get that entrance bit, but i agree with you that is to small to build anything grand.

    Also thank you op for posting this, i was planning on getting this home and i would have been very annoyed at finding this out after purchase but now im probally gonna hold off buying it.
  • newtinmpls
    Thanks for the warning.
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  • Langdon64
    Thanks for posting. I have always wanted an ice fortress but, there's just not enough here to do it. Wish there were more icy walls and icicles to build with.
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