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King's Arrow (EP), Moonhallowed (AD) and in (DC)?

Okay, so what is the title given to the player by Emeric? Is there any, as I don't recall being hailed 'saviour', 'shield' or whatever...
My wishlist for ESO
>>weapons: Polearms, Unarmed, Crossbow
>>Sorc's Twilight - perched animation

II.Overland Mechanics
>>tree climing in Grahtwood / Malabal Tor / Greenshade, etc. (with tall trees)
>>rock climbing in Glenumbra / Rivenspire / Stonefalls, etc. (with tall peaks)
>>new skill lines - Adventure (enable climbing, increase flora and fauna harvesting chances)

III.CP 2.0
>>Craft Tree development

III.Replayable content in overland
>>pocket rifts to Oblivion - eg. to Vaermina's in Stormhaven, Boethiah's in Deshaan, Hircine's in the Rift OR in Bankgorai, etc. to get Daedric Sets relevant to the Prince

>>Pyandonea - we had some quests WITH Maormer (Summerset, High Isle) - maybe we could meet them there? Poke poke, nudge nudge, wink wink, eh ZOS?

>>ASOC - a new server in Asia and Oceania. If people have a bad ping there, it would be great if they had a server reaching their places more easily. And hey, it would make THREE servers, not two.
  • Aigym_Hlervu
  • ArchMikem
    Moon Hallowed isn't even a title given to you by Ayrenn or given for you doing anything for the Dominion. It's a Spiritual title bestowed by the Khajiit for your part in aiding the Mane.
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  • Jacen_Veron
    For the Dominion I recall Ayrenn naming us as an Eye of The Queen rather early in the story. As for the Covenant, you never really receive a title, you are more or less known as a close friend to the King, which based on Emeric’s personality and his other friends that we have met, is probably considered high praise.
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