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The future of houseguests?

I am very much looking forward to the next update. Not because of the dungeons, but because of the houseguests (also doors - finally!) and the pathing system.

But one thing that excites me most, is what might come in future updates? I'd love to be able to get houseguests that provide services. Maybe merchants, mystics, grocers, chefs etc. I'm sure that we will get guests that look like these in the future, and I hope they also have the functions with them. But maybe some could be more useful. Guild Traders, maybe? A fence that doesn't rip you off? A banker that can access the guild bank? Maybe now, as houseguests, we can finally get these functions that ZoS doesn't seem to want to add as assistants.

I'm also excited about the potential opportunity to add your other characters into your house. It's been asked for for a long time, but maybe this is the first step to making that come true?

And finally... I'm excited maybe about the future of in-home logic. If we have pathing in the next update, maybe we can have emoting characters in the update after that? Or interacting with objects? Or even better, in my opinion, switches that cause things to happen, like turning on lights, or moving a secret wall...

I'm probably imagining way too much, but it's going to be nice seeing a bit more life in that huge Psijiic Manor. If only.... if only I hadn't used 6 of my collectible furnishing slots in that back room...
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Please put the Eyevea/EarthForge wayshrines back on the map?
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