Official Discussion Thread for "Announcing the Winners of the ESO Greymoor Housing Contest"


This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Announcing the Winners of the ESO Greymoor Housing Contest"

We recently challenged you to decorate your home in Tamriel based on two themed categories, and you didn’t disappoint! We received a ton of astonishingly creative entries (and some impressively disturbing ones, too), making judging especially challenging for all involved.
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  • Sorries
    Congrats to the winners!

    I have a couple of points of feedback I would like to add about the contest.

    -The country restrictions should be made a bit more obvious. I had to be the bearer of bad news multiple times and very often people had already invested in their entries and I even saw some only find out after finishing one.
    -I have heard about some inconsistencies regarding some translations of the rules. I heard that the french version for example implied that only interior entries of the vampire homes were allowed.
    -It was completely possible to enter without out adding a file, which means if someone's file didn't completely upload for whatever reason they would still get a ''entry submitted'' screen.
    -Many questions on the official forum post regarding the contest remained unanswered. For example whether re-submitting was allowed or not. Personally I am proponent of re-submitting before the deadline with a last one counts rule, especially in combination the point above this one.
    -I currently see some debate about reshaders, I recommend to be more specific on whether that is allowed or not.
    GM Tamriel Homes - PC EU
  • hashii

    This is my Vampire House, done in Coldharbour Surreal Estate. I wanted something elegant with hints of evil, because I thought elegant and evil/menacing would fit the Vampire Lords well.

    The story me and my guildmates were acting is, there is a vampire feast going on, and during that feast, a werewolf leader decided to challenge the vampires, as an act of defiance.

    I'm thinking of continuing the house to add two more rooms and complete it.
  • seecodenotgames
    Maybe since people are less likely to see a list of houses in the replies to an announcement, we should start a dedicated thread?
    Houses on PC EU (newest first)
    • 62. Sand Castles (Fogbreak Lighthouse) - A literal life size sand castle
    • 61. Riften Meadery (Old Mistveil Manor) - A new meadery has opened outside Riften
    • 60. Helene's Writing Room (Golden Gryphon Garret) - A small room for Helene to get some quiet writing time
    • 59. Picnic at Pelin (Black Vine Villa) - Based on the lore book Picnic at Pelin (A Horror Story)
    • 58. Almalexias Temple (Forsaken Stronghold) - A Dunmer Tower with a shrine to the three
    • 57. Pirate New Life For Me (Highhallow Hold) - A pirate tavern where they gift you loot
    • 56. Woodvine Cathedral (Agony's Ascent) - A living cathedral thriving in the Deadlands
    • 55. Dark Elf Town House (Quondam Indorilia) - A small and cosy town house on the edge of Mournhold
    • 54. The Secret Tower (Exorcised Coven Cottage) - A hidden mage tower in the swamps on the Hag Fen
    • 53. Knight Club (Frostvault Chasm) - A disco in a dwarven mineshaft
    • 52. Dwemer Cave City (The Erstwhile Sanctuary) - A lost dwarven city has been found deep underground
    • 51. Alinor Gryphon Aerie (Colossal Aldmeri Grotto) - A place where gryphons are trained
    • 50. The Charred Towers (Doomchar Plateau) - Deadlands themed fortress with two towers and custom furniture
    • 49. Argonian Sea Town (Tel Galen) - An Argonian sea port
    • 48. Daedric Princess Tower (Seaveil Spire) - An underwater tower dedicated to the Daedric Prince Meridia
    • 47. Fargrave Observatory (Ossa Accentium) - An observatory in the portal realm of Fargrave
    • 46. Hundings Beach House (Hundings Palatial Hall) - Beach house and hottub
    • 45. Crystal Gardens (Snugpod) - Enchanted Gardens with crystalline trees
    • 44. Dawnlight Health Spa (Princely Dawnlight Palace) - Our spa waters are revitalising and ready to heal your aching body
    • 43. Mountainside Retreat (Pariah's Pinnacle) - An orc mountainside hall with an amazing view
    • 42. Volcanic Vile Villa (Kushalit Sanctuary) - A private hollowed out volcano for all your mad alchemist needs
    • 41. Arenthian Water Temple (Strident Springs Demesne) - A relaxing water temple outside Arenthia
    • 40. Woodland Cottage (Ald Velothi Harbor House) - A house in a tree, but not a treehouse
    • 39. Winter Snow Meadhall (Enchanted Snow Globe Home) - A winter meadhall has opened to get everyone in the festive mood
    • 38. Fire and Ice Hotel (Elinhir Private Arena) - An new hotel has opened with an ice bar and a lava room
    • 37. City of Princes (Pantherfang Chapel) - Citadese is under attack from a dragon invasion. Prince Tarvia is leading the escape through the sewers.
    • 36. Dark Brotherhood Home (Stay-Moist Mansion) - A Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary found beneath an Argonian village
    • 35. Volkihar Courtyard (Velothi Reverie) - A castle courtyard modelled on the famous Volkihar Castle in Skyrim
    • 34. Rada's Summer Getaway (Potentate's Retreat) - A Redguard mansion with a dark vampiric secret in the basement
    • 33. Cascadia Wine N Dine (Sweetwater Cascades) - Vineyard and meadery with two restaurants and a chapel
    • 32. Walled Kitchen Garden (Amaya Lake Lodge) - Fresh produce and cut flowers for sale. Hot food served in a family restaurant.
    • 31. Luckycat Summerhouse (Lucky Cat Landing) - A khajiiti villa with spa and dining
    • 30. Helene's Boutique (Water's Edge) - The famous dressmaker has opened a new dress shop in town
    • 29. Alinor Garden Party (Mathiisen Manor) - A party in the flower gardens of a Altmer noble's manor
    • 28. Markarth Bath House (Stone Eagle Aerie) - A relaxing spa and bath house with an arts and craft centre
    • 27. Treeboat house (The Gorinir Estate) - No one know how an imperial ship ended up in the treetops
    • 26. Varlaisvea College (Varlaisvea Ayleid Ruins) - An ancient library has been discovered deep inside an Ayleid ruin
    • 25. City on the Moon (The Orbservatory Prior) - Moonbase with housing and an inn under the stars
    • 24. Lakemire Water Gardens (Lakemire Xanmeer Manor) - Relaxing hanging gardens and a fish restaurant beneath the Xanmeer
    • 23. Hircine's Hunt Club (Hunters Glade) - A relaxing villa for werewolves to feast in the ever refilling hunting grounds
    • 22. Lost Dwarven Kingdom (Shalidor’s Shrouded Realm) - A lost Dwemer king's palace has been found in a mage's pocket realm
    • 21. Replaced with 54. The Secret Tower
    • 20. Topal Fishing Resort (Grand Topal Hideaway) - A resort in the middle of a fishing lake on a private island
    • 19. Castleton Manor (Alinor Crest Townhouse) - The home of Lord Castleton and his daughter Sonja
    • 18. Cave of BBQ N Ribs (Earthtear Cavern) - A secret rocky dome, hosts a BBQ and ribs restaurant
    • 17. Who Lived in a Shoe (The Ample Domicile) - There was an old reach witch who lived in a shoe
    • 16. Dwemer Party Tower (Hall of the Lunar Champion - Lion's Cradle) - A dwarven flying tower repurposed for parties
    • 15. A Taste of Alinor (Sleek Creek House) - A small piece of Alinor beside a creek
    • 14. Lava Submarine Base (Bastion Sanguinaris) - An evil vampire alchemy lab, accessible only via a lava submarine
    • 13. Spirit-tree Library (Wraithhome) - A library built atop an ancient forest within an ancient Daedric ruin
    • 12. Golden Beach Palace (Thieves' Oasis) - A dwarven inspired Redguard beach resort
    • 11. Mad Scientists House (Cyrodilic Jungle House) - Workshop and garage with an experimental De-lore-ean
    • 10. Big Toy House (Antiquarian's Alpine Gallery) - Two life sized doll's houses and a inn beneath the stairs
    • 9. Icy Falls Inn (Forgemaster Falls) - Two Nord lodges on a lake, serving mead and fresh fish
    • 8. Blue-ice Palace (Stillwaters Retreat) - Solitude, but on a frozen lake
    • 7. Mushroom Manor (Coldharbour Surreal Estate) - Dunmer house built from giant mushrooms
    • 6. Vampire Academy with wine bar (Daggerfall Overlook) - Come for the nibbles; stay for eternity
    • 5. Three Pillows War (Grymharth's Woe) - Re-enact the three banners war with pillow forts and floof balls
    • 4. Treefern House (Moon-sugar meadow) - Giant treefern treehouse
    • 3. Artaeum Theatre/Opera housel (Grand Psijic Manor) - Tiered Balcony
    • 2. Imperial Bridal Suite (Linchal Grand Manor) - Wedding venue with bridal suite extension
    • 1. Dragonguard Penthouse (Jode's Embrace) - 3 Extra floors, with indoor conservatory and top floor gym
  • ZOS_SarahHecker
    Thanks for the feedback @Sorries. We are hoping to expand our next contest to more territories.

    love to see all these screenshots :) the creativity of the housing community is always amazing
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  • redlink1979
    We are hoping to expand our next contest to more territories.

    @ZOS_SarahHecker So many people are always left aside on ESO contests... What a pity!
    "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear"
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    • Daggerfall's Mightiest [PS5][NA] 1910 CP
    • SweetTrolls [PC][EU] 1950 CP
    • Bacon Rats [PC][NA] 1850 CP
  • Chuck_Finley

    This was my take on the vampire home theme. I used the Grand Psijic Villa main hall and had trouble getting a wide enough angle on it, but thankfully a great guildmate of mine offered to take the screenshot on his ultra wide monitor that he plays ESO on. (Really makes me want to invest in an ultra wide screen myself :) )

    Also this contest helped me find the energy to finish the Midyear Mayhem achievements I had been putting off since every red light I used was between 100k (Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia) and 50k (Hemo Helot, Benign, Orb of Stone) and the red light from the MM achieve vendor was only 30k (Probably-Not-Punch Bowl of Mayhem).

    Congratulations to all the winners and it is so nice to see other people posting screenshots of their entries too. We need a giant gallery of all the entries this contest was so fun!
  • Silufadumar
    Sorry for the question, but how would I post screenshots and the like from my Xbox to the forums?
  • Chuck_Finley
    Sorry for the question, but how would I post screenshots and the like from my Xbox to the forums?

    After a quick google search I saw this;

    "Where are my Xbox screenshots?

    If you are signed in to your Microsoft Account on a PC or via, you will be able to find the screenshot under OneDrive\Pictures\Xbox Screenshots."

    Then as you are typing out your reply in this forum look for the photo icon, 2 on the right after the little smiley face icon and select your screenshot and wait for it to upload before posting your reply.
  • Dave10346
    Soul Shriven
    Great builds everyone! Mine-

  • hashii

    Posted this earlier before. But also adding a video tour this time :smile:
  • SpiderKnight
    Apparently, it ain't a Nord home without the symbol of the perfidious Sea Elves of Pyandonea...
    Edited by SpiderKnight on August 18, 2020 2:20PM
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