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Any Dutch guilds still active?

I'm a 45 YO Dutch girl and I've recently started playing the game again after abandoning it shortly after the betas. Thoroughly hooked this time around! I am looking for a small & friendly Dutch speaking guild to occasionally do Dungeons and other PvE content with. Social, casual & mature would be ideal. Anyone still out there? :)
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  • Nephilim_NL
    Jazeker, meid! Dragonia is waar je naar op zoek bent. Stuur @Bloemen66 een in-game mailtje, dan krijg je snel een uitnodiging!
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  • elderscrollsonlineb16_ESO153
    Same for me, played beta and shortly afterwards, but haven't been around since 2014 :wink:
    Can't even seem to change my username now in the forum.

    I will also contact you in game if that is alright?

    Guy, 42, social,/casual/ PVE
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