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your opinions on questing addons

the first one i tried was seemed ok for the most part but didnt like how quests were noted on the map but no quest was to be had.

currently using destinations but the website says this addon doesnt work well past the one tamriel moment in game.

is there something better? what do you think about these two addons?

questmap and destination
  • Danikat
    I'm fine with using Questmap, but then my use is fairly unusual. I only turn it on when I think I've finished an area so I can check for any quests I've missed. It will sometimes show ones I've completed which had more than one point they could be picked up. or one I can't get because I made another choice in the preceeding quest but again I'm ok with that because I can use a site like UESP to check that's all it is and I'd rather see too much info than not enough.
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  • volkeswagon
    is there an addon that diasables addons?
  • Easily_Lost
    The only way to disable addons is to go into the addon screen ( ESC then choose ADDONS ) and disable them, as far a I know.
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  • taugrim
    The only way to disable addons is to go into the addon screen ( ESC then choose ADDONS ) and disable them, as far a I know.

    That, or simply delete the addon folder and run /reloadui.

    I am super [snip] about pruning addons that I no longer use.

    Here's what I do:
    1. I keep the original ZIP files for all addons
    2. I put all "functionality" addons in the Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns folder
    3. I put all "library" addons in a "_Dependencies" folder in Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns
    4. For any addons I'm no longer using, I delete the folder but put the ZIP file into folders named "Unused"
    5. I also started a README.txt file in each folder to denote what I'm using and why, and if I stopped using something a brief note of why

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