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Refining large amount of raw materials

Soul Shriven
Hello, to make a long story short I've farmed surveys and materials for a bit over a week, today I felt like gathering the raw materials and later refine them.
I collected about 1k wood, 1k ores, 1k Clothing and a bit over 600 grains for jewellery, Was so excited to check my bag after doing this for the reward of many hours farming the stuff and what do I see?
I got zero gold material, zero purple material, zero blue materials and some green ones. I've never turned this amount in at the same time I usually turn in 200 of each every time and that gives me a decent amount of stuff back.

So what's the problem? are the bulk refining broken? or am I just crazy? Feels like I've wasted loads of time collecting the stuff.
If anyone had the same problem, please do say since I think this is something that needs to be fixed if there's a problem.

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  • Taleof2Cities
    Sounds like an issue with add-ons or no skill points invested in the crafting refinement passives, @TropicalTrooper.

    Which could be a few things:

    - Doing simple banking or merchant transactions BEFORE you view the amount of tempers that were just refined. The game usually stacks newly refined tempers before starting an NPC transaction.

    - Out-of-date inventory add-ons or UI add-ons blocking your view of what actually was refined.

    - Logging into an Alt character by mistake instead of your Crafting Main.

    - Resetting skill points at a respec shrine or using a respec scroll ... and then forgetting to put skill points back into the crafting passives.

    Let's hope it was one of the first two (2) choices. Which means you did get high-level tempers (you just don't know how many).
  • TropicalTrooper
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks ur probably right...
  • katanagirl1
    That sounds like a really, really bad rng. Also, I should ask just to rule out the obvious, do you have all passives maxxed for extracting mats in all crafting skill lines on that toon?

    I find I have better results for at least 2k of each mat when refining, but 1k gives much better than you are stating above.

    I’m on console but I do the thing where I hold the button down when selecting the number of times to refine so it does refining in batches of 10 each instead of all at once. I’ve been told it doesn’t matter but I feel better doing it that way.
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  • idk
    To2C has probably listed the probable issues since the results from refining have been consistent for 6 years running.

    Good luck figuring it out.
  • wolfie1.0.
    Also remember that RNG is RNG. Bad odds happen in isolated incidents. Its happened to me as well. But as you expand your odds pull things tend to even out to close to expected norms. I mean I once pulled 8 gold mats out of 140 raw mats. And i have refined 2k raw mats and gotten none. It happens. It's rare but it happens.
  • ShadowWolf44
    I was going to create my own post, as I've posted on this stuff too many times.

    I've been playing about 4 years. Things NEVER "balance out". That's what we are told, and told, and told. "Over time, everything will even out, be patient, it will happen.".

    NO, sorry, it won't, for some of us. Especially if you have a point of view in life, those "in power" @ Zos don't agree with. Then you'll be screwed. Oh, you'll get tiny, and I mean, TINY, little bumps, every so often, because they realized people have noticed. IE, myself.

    You see, they say I just have "Bad RNG". Really? I pay to play this damn game, like everyone else. I know people who get 1:75, gold. Some get that in Fishing, some in other areas. I've watched them get these numbers.

    Next, they will tell you, "Well, some people may not do as well in say, refining, but they will get gold in their mail, (helpers), or in Motifs, or in designs, or in Armor.

    So, you see, in THIS manner, all things will "even out". NO, they don't.

    I will list why I say this- Two different times, I refined 4k silks. One time, I got 1 gold. The other, I got 0. My average gold drops, however, over these years, is around 1: 600 - 1: 800. The NORMAL average, for all people, is right around 1: 150 1: 250.

    There has NEVER been a "re-balancing.

    Motifs: I get Motifs, pathetically rarely. I've had to purchase the majority of the one's I have, because they just don't drop. When they do? They are repeats. I've gotten a grand total of 6 motifs I didn't have, on my main character, in 4 years. 6.

    Designs- The same as motifs. There has been one exception in this area- when Elsweyr dropped. One of my toons found several nice designs. 5-6, I believe it was. First time it's ever happened. Then they nerfed the area I found them. I've never seen another one. I guess they made a mistake, and that's why I was able to actually find some.

    This new area? Greymoor & Blackreach? I've run 4 toons through now. I've not found a single new design/recipe. I find green one's non-stop. In fact, I have 9 toons on this account, and 4 on a separate one. They may have every green in the game. Useless junk, I NPC now for 9 gold. I have to make gold somehow.

    This last event? in Summerset? People were finding Designs & Jewelry "dusts", 5 of either green/blue/purple/gold. That would have been nice. I rarely have over 3-4 Purple plates at a time. 10-12 blue. I've had to give away over 300 blue "Jewelry Master writs" those one's that give 25-30 vouchers. They drop like candy, but I have no blues to do them, and paying 10-14k per plate? Makes them useless, for the most part.

    I never got a single "dust". Opened maybe 3-400 purple coffers. I got, almost exclusively, the 250g and 100g "treasures"- that really are not. Along with that junk, I mostly got 20 Raw Rubidite's. I have almost 30k refined ingots. Not very exciting, when your "RNG", comes out, as the numbers listed above.

    There is oh, so much more- but I'll wrap up here.

    Try and tell Zos about this? They give the answers above, "It will all even out", then they will ignore you. Other players will come onto your post- [snip]

    I've had to file 4-5 reports, in the last several months. I get NO responses. ZERO. No, not even a computer generated one.

    I have evidence of everything I've said here. Screenshots, etc. They won't even look at them.

    I've tried everything I could think of, all while "being nice". It get's you nowhere. Their [snip] "be nice"? Is how they shove people like me, under their carpet, as they wait for us to finally QUIT THE GAME.

    They will NEVER fix anything. They won't even have a damn discussion with you, you see, because- [snip]


    You see, I used to, (not so much anymore), play 12 hrs a day or so. I go all over Tamriel. I open thousands of containers- literally, so it's not like I don't bust my ass, to try and find what I seek. I work very hard.


    Either that? Or they just have no desire, to make the game FAIR, for all. You see, I NEVER bring my life views, into the game. However, I will respond to people who are attacking others, no matter WHAT side they may be on. And I won't change that.

    Every time I filed a report? They ONLY THING I ever asked them for, besides them to actually LOOK AT MY EVIDENCE? Was to be treated, just like everyone else. THAT'S IT.

    I do NOT want a "parity" game. That's asinine- like when they stripped my Bosmer of their STEALTH. I mean, they HAVE stealth, always have. But, because of imbecilic whiners in this game, who also happen to be wealthy, and poor players? They ripped their essence from them.

    If a person can't learn to fight against a certain ability, when other people can? That should be THEIR problem. NOT a small handful of people, forcing change on the rest of the gaming community.

    So, anyway, for as long as this will be left up, I wanted to give you an HONEST, FACTUAL, and ACCURATE answer. Explanations take WORDS. REAL ONES do, anyhow. You can't explain the truth, in 260 characters.


    I've fought through this nightmare of [snip], for the past 3 years. I tried to just deal with it, initially. When it became apparent they would never bother to help myself, nor those like me? I began gathering my evidence. I have quite a bit. [snip] Ignored.

    So, good luck. I hope you're NOT being treated like others of us have been. I'll be seeking other avenues now. It's gotten to the point, where I can't really even Progress, like normal people- so I've been left with few options.

    It's really a sad, and BS thing. All I wanted to do, is play a damn game. I PAY for the game, (ESO PLUS), I contribute, (buying things from the Crown Store etc), and I've ALWAYS helped people in the game. Especially with my Grand Master Crafter, back when it was a bit harder to get there.

    Again, hope you find something that may help you- or, at least has given you something you can now be aware of, so maybe you won't have to waste so many years, in futile efforts, looking for help. Take Care.

    [edited for bashing and conspiracy theories]
    Edited by ZOS_Lunar on August 6, 2020 1:57PM
  • tmbrinks
    I was going to create my own post, as I've posted on this stuff too many times.

    Snipped most to keep the clutter down...

    Good job making sure that you have dismissed any comment to this by calling everybody "moronic"

    Calling ZoS "moronic"... not going to get you anywhere.

    You say you have evidence. Post it, share it here. I've been in this forum for years, sharing my data, what I have collected. Whereas I've yet to see credible (read that as "statistically significant") evidence to discredit that.

    So share. Show it. Otherwise, I not inclined to believe you. Because hundreds (if not thousands) of other players have evidence that corroborates the understood drop rates and odds.
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  • VaranisArano
    Please. Do post evidence. Statiscally significant evidence, not a handful of anecdotes when we know humans tend to remember the bad.

    If ZOS has indeed screwed up your personal RNG such that you demonstrably aren't getting the same odds as others in large amounts, it shouldn't be hard to show proof.

    My own contribution to the Multicraft testing, a test of 10k raw mats, where I note I was above average: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/490789/multicraft-refining-small-batches-test-10k-mats
    Edited by VaranisArano on August 6, 2020 12:57PM
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