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Any advice for MacOS users about bug reporting and trouble shooting

I am a MacOS user in EU, but the technical support page for EU users (German) is dying out, therefore I am looking
in the US forum. Maybe in EU there are not as many MacOS usres then in the US.

I reported a dozend of problems and not with one I received accurate support and the problems still persist. Many of the
problems are listed in this forum, but it seems, that here ZOS also not cares about. Propably this forum will also die
because there is no response done by ZOS.

I have even have reported issues, that belong to the game play itself (OS independant), where I am be able to deliver
exact information to reproduce them, but the support doesn't also care about this.

I am frustrated and stranded. I am willing to help ZOS to make the game better, but they don't care.

Can I do anything better in reporting problems or is this the way ZOS will get rid MacOS ?
  • ZOS_Bill

    For the issues you have been running into, have you opened any tickets with customer support?

    If not, doing so would be the best way to get help with these issues.
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  • AlbertVonMoosseedorf
    ZOS_BillE wrote: »

    For the issues you have been running into, have you opened any tickets with customer support?

    If not, doing so would be the best way to get help with these issues.

    Yes I did, but they dont care and I think they also dont understand.

    e.g. I have a farming route in Northern Elsweyr there I have two bugs in the game:

    1) when I ride with my sourcerer and his two pets, there is the temple of the two moons with a chest
    in the garden. I can ride in the garden, but when i ride /walk out of the garden, my two pet's die and
    I have to reanimate them both with the spells. I checked this a few minutes ago.
    The sustomer support told me, this ist intended ! Really ?

    2) When I walk around an edge close to a thief's camp. There is a chest and thief chest. I have a
    chance of about 90% that the game aborts immediately.
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  • Gattopardo
    Can I do anything better in reporting problems or is this the way ZOS will get rid MacOS ?

    1) not really
    2) really seems like it by now

    a lot of people cant even log in on first try since Greymoor (or "Craprim") launched and they didn't fix it on live or on pts, so don't get your hopes up getting any more information here than on the German forum, its been going completely downhill since Murkmire, so for almost 2 years now and its getting worse with every dlc, but as they cant even get an event on without bugs ... if you are too annoyed by all the bugs, just find another game to play, almost all of them have not even half the issues as eso

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  • BlueRaven
    I know it’s not the moderators fault or anything, but it really feels like Mac support is basically gone.

    Report a problem on the forums, they tell you to make customer service ticket.

    Report the problem to customer service, they tell you to make a bug report.

    Make the bug report... And there it ends.

    Don’t make further bug reports, don’t make further tickets, the bug won’t be fixed.

    I don’t know how many times per login that I get thrown to Mac system login screen, but I guess it won’t be ever fixed. I even went to an Apple store to ask (before CV-19 was really a thing), and they never heard of a piece of software causing an issue like this.

    It’s just depressing to see patch after patch come out and the client’s many issues remain untouched.
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  • AlbertVonMoosseedorf
    It seems really that ZOS want to get rid of MacOS, but they have still the Apple Logo in their advertising.

    I bought my ESO as few months ago and spent since then several hundret of dollars for the game, abonnement for one year and additional crown purchases for all the cute gadets in the crown store, even if they know, that MacOS is not a usable platform.

    Is there no Apple developer who is gaming ESO ?
    Does Apple allow the usage of their Logo, even when the software does'nt work properly ?

    I can understand that some one dollar apps are not have been reviewed by apple, but ZOS ist'nt a one dollar app and currently they advertise with the Apple Logo ! The Logo should have a value and display: This is an App that works properly with MacOS, it is developed by qualified/certified MacOS developers and follows the developing guidelines of MacOS.
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  • thedavidventer
    Trying to get proper macOS support from ZOS is impossible. Good luck. I’ve been reporting issues since April, along with Apple Developer guides on how to fix them but it’s abundantly clear that ZOS does not care about the macOS game client or player base. Using the macOS logo in their advertising and having an official Mac “Customer Support” forum appears to just be for show.

    Some issues you will experience for which solutions have been provided to ZOS staff but largely ignored since April:

    - Low/Limited resolution
    - Broken Windowed Fullscreen mode
    - Broken Gamepad Input
    - Broken steam overlay integration
    - Installer requiring more space than that of the actual game. Steam also showing the wrong storage requirement so many who buy the game through steam thinking they have enough HDD space can’t even install it.
    - Crashes that kick you out of the macOS User profile while leaving the game open in the background requiring a full system restart
    - Textures not loading properly in game


    Good luck trying to get ZOS to even acknowledge these issues. They’ll just ask you to contact support, and support will respond with some irrelevant ~5 year old support document or ask you to contact Apple support about the issue as if Apple is able to do anything about ZOS’s broken code. It’s up to ZOS to fix their broken game. But I fear this won’t happen because, like I said, I’ve been reporting these issues since April. I’ve provided links to Apple developer guides that explain how to fix these things and properly integrate with macOS but I guess the ZOS developers have never looked at Apple Developer guides and they simple do not care about the macOS player base. No support, no feedback, no acknowledgement, no apology, nothing. It’s unfortunate really.

    This is such a great game but alas, the macOS logo on their marketing media and the Mac Support forum is just fluff and fake news. In all honesty, the game runs like trash on MacOS, it’s not compatible with macOS features and there is zero support other than the regurgitation of old and outdated copy/paste “solutions.”
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  • BlueRaven
    The thing that really baffles me is:

    “Mac Game Client
    Windowed (Fullscreen) mode on Mac will now use a borderless window.”

    This??!! This is what they focused on?? And it took them three months, and this is all they accomplished?

    Also was this issue on anyone’s list of problems with the Mac client?
    Edited by BlueRaven on August 1, 2020 1:20PM
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