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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Live: July 24 @ 4PM EDT—Character Pathing & Contest Winners"


This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "ESO Live: July 24 @ 4PM EDT—Character Pathing & Contest Winners"

Tune in to ESO Live this Friday to get an inside look at the new Homestead Character Pathing system coming with Update 27 and check out the winners of our official Greymoor Home Decorating Contest!
Staff Post
  • Dusk_Coven
    Is this confirmed? It's not on the streamer twitch calendar.
    Come to think of it, there are no drops scheduled for the Summerset Celebration either.
  • Durnik
    At least there is more than 24 hours notice this time.
  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    @ZOS_SarahHecker @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom

    If you will be doing a Q&A for the housing side here are some questions :)

    1) Can we see an increase in max housing item space (will keep asking until it happens :wink: )
    2) Is PVP in housing a possibility, for example a toggle option for the house with free for all or group / tabard / buff item based grouping options (think all vs all or group vs group).
    3) Can we see the grapple points implemented into housing? could make some really cool things if the grapple was introduced in a similar way to unhallowed grave dungeon with place-able grapple points.
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  • bluebird
    Awesome news, us Housing fans love Housing Streams! :wink: Hope we'll see more Housing Streams in the future, I'm glad we got Cullen showing up in ESO Lives and posting on the Forums, combined with the new awesome features Housing has been getting, things are looking better this year than ever! Thank you!
  • Thannazzar
    Can we at least get an answer to the question:

    If 700 Items is the hard cap for housing performance, why cant classic homes be upgraded to 700? (even if we have to pay crowns for it)
  • Spearpoint
    First of all, I'm really looking forward to the new pathing option. That's really nice, ZOS! :blush:

    However, I'm still curious about how bad the implications would actually be for e.g. allowing ESO+ players to triple the furnishing/collectibles cap for all houses (or classic homes and up), instead of doubling it. It couldn't be that bad, could it?

    At least it wouldn't be an understatement to say that such an QoL improvement would make a LOT of people happy, and let ZOS cash in more ESO+'ers :wink:

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