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[PC][NA][18+]Velkian Knight are a new Social/Casual PVE guild recruiting new memebers.

Soul Shriven
The Velkian Knights are a brand new guild looking for chill and dedicated members.

The Velkian Knights are currently focused around being a Social Guild but as we continue to grow would like to branch out into the PvE aspect of the game, and maybe even PvP!

New and Veteran players are welcome in the guild, everyone is welcome!

Discord is a requirement for the guild at the moment. (link to join discord)

We are still a growing guild so any sort of participation and all ideas are open you can either send me a DM or @ me in the discord if you have an idea for the guild.

We currently do have officer positions open as well if you are interested in that.

Velkian Knights are looking forward to meeting all of the new guild members
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