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Will we have the other volumes?

House Tharn of Nibenay by Count Opius Voteporix.

This book is only the seventeenth volume in a series entitled "The Noble Families of Cyrodiil".

Hence my question. Will we have the other volumes? It would be interesting to know more about the Aquilarios for example, the Mede , the Juncus, the Axius and more.

It will be very interesting and instructive loristically speaking. Also serving as a solid basis for RP to find out which lore families are doing what. The opportunity also to have a deepening on the way in which the imperial society works or at least its social classes.
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  • Aigym_Hlervu
    The more books we have, the better it is! I'd also like to read the rest of the "16 Accords of Madness", not just those volumes VI, IX and XII.
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