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Nephilim Empire a PvE and Trial Progression Guild, is recruiting!

Soul Shriven

We are a PvE focused guild looking to expand our roster with new members. Our goal is to have a strong community where people get together for dungeon and trial runs in a fun and relaxed environment, while being focused on improving as a group and as individuals.

We already have competent players aiming towards clearing vet/HM content, getting achievements, as well as doing pledges or simply doing runs for fun.

If we sound like a good fit for you, make sure you:
- are at least 18 years old
- are a minimum of CP 160
- have a working mic and have discord installed
- are willing to listen to constructive criticism
- are able and willing to improve

We offer:
- open trial runs + trials for gearing if needed
- pledge/dungeon runs
- trial progression group (only spots for DD)

The Open Trial runs are available for anyone to join, while our core group has some requirements

To apply leave a comment below or DM any of @Stowner, @notMeeps, @AntScott, @Native_zero, @Saritez, @JustAStone in game
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