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PVE Roster looking for 1 DD

Hey, we're looking for 1 DD to complete our PVE Roster. Raiding time is Saturday, 15:00 - 17:00 PM (GMT+2).
Our aim is to complete every trial in the game in veteran mode. After that, we will work on some hard modes.

We want a long-term, regular member. This is not a scoring group, we're not looking for experienced member, we will welcome any player who wishes to get better at the game and want to have a chance to join some trials even if they are still "low" CP.

- 300 CP is a must-have
- Be a positive player and have the will to get good at your main role
- DD : 50k+ DPS on iron atronach is mandatory for first trials

ALSO! Main core is french, but we will raidlead in english when needed, raid terms are almost the same in every language (pull, focus, pack...).

-> Not sure to be avalaible on every saturday, but still want to help a bit? You can join as a guest for replacement.
(No in-game guild slot needed.)
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