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Would it be too hard to let us pick the time of day?

I just think it would be cool of we could pick what time of day our homes appear in. Some homes just look too good at night and it's sad that almost everytime I travel to my home its daytime.

Being able to choose the time of day would be great but I dont know how complicated that would be for the devs.
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  • volkeswagon
    Yes, i have suggested that too. Houses are their own instance so should be able to do it. Some houses just look better at certain times.
  • carly
    Several years ago when I was playing Rift - they had items you could put in your outdoor area that allowed you to set the time of day. There were quite a few selections and each were a different time of day ie: sunset, midnight, daybreak, etc. They also changed the sky - for example there was one that was starry night so not only was it night time but the sky was filled with twinkling stars. Some changed the weather, you could have it snowing all the time outside if you liked. I realize it is a different game and the game engine is different so I'm not sure it could be done here but just throwing it out there as an idea for ESO to think about. Of course it goes without saying that they only work for homes with outdoor spaces.
  • allhailskippy
    I 100% agree! Lighting is a HUGE component housing, and the way a house looks at night vs day is literally.. night.. and day. I often find myself telling people when they visit, that they should come at night.. because that's when the house was designed to be visited. Would be very nice to just set it to the right time and people could visit whenever.

    Would probably need 2 methods of control
    - A slider for hour of day
    - An option setting for which moon style (Full, None, Waxing/Waning etc)
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  • Dirtybyrd
    I been asking about this myself and still think it would be a wonderful improvement
  • Kashya_Vulano
    Weather and Day cycles have been highly requested since housing dropped. The developers already have the ability to change the day cycle in their console, as seen during streams. It's honestly a joke at this point, that they haven't added it already.
    EOS would be happy at add a daytime/night time feature as well as a weather feature purchasable in the crown store usable for one use per purchase... Please note with a membership you will receive a 10% discount as well as a free statute each month and every month forever...
  • WrathOfInnos
    I’d like this feature added in real life too.
  • katanagirl1
    If not a day/night cycle, then at least upgrade the screenshot mode to allow this to be changed. I have been trying to catch the outside of one of my houses at just the right time of day to get a screen snapshot for a housing contest, and still can’t seem to be there at the right time.

    I am also unable to use an emote and do a screenshot at the same time, very limiting.

    I’m thinking of No Man’s Sky’s excellent screenshot mode, where it stopped all motion and let you increment or decrement the time, move the camera position, and some other things I can’t remember right now.

    Also, I think allowing a day/night cycle in the Psijic Villa (yes, I do realize why there’s not one) or maybe just shifting the fixed “sun” position would make that house much more enjoyable for me. Having the entryway perpetually in shadow is problematic.
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  • swankery
    A dial, with night, sunrise, day, sunset would be fab!
  • Sengra
    That would be so helpful for RP GMs! You want to explore a spooky forest and end up at a witch's hut/haunted cemetery? Not possible, if the sun is shining. Weather would be a nice addition, too. Who wants to go to the beach when it's raining?
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  • AefionBloodclaw
    Housing are in an instance so performance wise it should be completely possible to change the day/night for whatever you want. That would be amazing.
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