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[PC EU] Semper Anticus

Hi hi, we are a PvE focussed guild that is recruiting players of all levels for pretty much any trials.
We host trials of varying difficulty and level for any interested player with fairly relaxed requirements. You can join the discord here, or send a mail in-game to @McGruffalo or @Emperorsplishy if you have any questions.

For higher level players, we also have a core progression group that is currently focussing on vKA HMs. We are currently recruiting two DDs and a tank. We raid twice a week on Tuesday and Sunday evenings. For DDs we'd prefer at least 70k DPS on the trial dummy and for all players, experience in vKA is needed (non HM is fine).
If you would like to apply you can mail me in-game at @Emperorsplishy or send me a message on discord at EmperorSplishy#1860.

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