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Discord usage ?

Hi everyone 👋🏻

I have been looking for a dutch guild but have t found any. Does anyone know one ?

That said , i do see a lot of guilds using discord.
I do know discord , however how does this work eso?

Is it something you can use while ingame ?? Or is it via voice on the background when playing online ?

Why do peope exacty use discord ?

    Soul Shriven
    There are Dutch guilds but not many.

    What kind of specific Dutch guild are you looking for ?

    And Discord is a program used by many gamers for communicating it is not a part of eso and you can't 'use' it in game. It is more something that runs on the background.
  • eMKa8
    Thank you !!!

    About the guild , i am looking for an eaY accessible social guild into dungeons quests ... etc.
    Low maintenance but compact eso family
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