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A Open World Mini-Trial + Dungeon all in one idea for Devs

What I aim for here is throwing in a lot of mechanics that havent done before to create a unique PvE content
Summary: There will be 1 big boss and 6 sidekick bosses. You can kill 7 or 1 bossees. Map will be open world and horses will be allowed. You can que this mini trial at 4 man dungeon finder and only kill 6 mini bosses. This trial requires raid to split 4-4-4 or 6-6 to kill mini bosses, thats is the final gimmic of this setup. This trial can be very noob friendly if you kill all bosses and it can be nightmare if you want to rush the big boss. You can trade clear time with difficulty.
Context: It can be anything but most flexible context is daedric pocket plane like vMA.

How will it be: You start at middle om the hexagonal map in a big arena like Saint Olms's arena. There will be 6 gates around to exit. There will be 6 diffrent quest givers. You can talk with them to get quests of mini bosses. They you mount up and go to mini boss location.
Why kill mini bosses: Minibosses help the last boss or apply debuff to you. If you kill them, they help you or apply buff to you. They drop dungeon's set. Last boss drops 'XXX weapons'. Mini bosses wont drop overland sets like SA trial.
But this is a mini trial not a dungeon?: This trial's difficulty is based on 4-4-4 split of a 12 men trial group for mini bosses. So all mini bosses can be killed with 4 man dungeon group. These bosses will be as hard as DLC dungeon bosses. Last boss and 'XXX' weapons are not avaible for dungeon players. Context is you just kill 6 bosses to weaken influence of middle boss then escape.

Mini bosses dont have to show up in the final fight, they can just be present with their effect too. Ex: When there is a aoe damage phase like Saint Olms's fireball phase there will be a few immunity circles if you kill the mini boss. If you did not, spawned monsters will be immune to your damage for 3-4 secs in a same type of circle once in a while.

Map: Hexagonal map, 1 boss at each corner. You can do bosses at any order but most practical clear order is sending 4 man to 120 degree 3 opposite directions then make them rotate clock wise or counter clock wise so all 6 mini bosses will be dead. Experienced groups can kill only 3 bosses this way and start final boss right away.

Possible Problems and fixes:
One group may clear their mini bosses fast and have to wait. Fix: there will be a few time sinks: fish spots, ore mines, plants, crafting station a few optional elite monsters to kill.
Trial can be too easy without any split: all mini bosses will have a aoe mechanic in a limited space battle ground. SO if you go to mini boss with 12 people, fight will be bitt harder.
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