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[PC/EU] <Order of The BlackDawn> HEY YOU! Looking for a casual, relaxed social guild?

Soul Shriven
Then come be a part of our little ESO family! We would love to have you!

We're a brand new, laid back and casual social guild looking to expand and grow our ranks! Recruiting players of all levels and Alliances, no matter if you are brand you, returning or experienced.

Our main aspect is socializing, chatting and hanging out in game and in our fully functional Discord channel! but we also offer group PvE content such as Dungeons & Trials, both normal and Vet. Also occasional PvP on Standard No-CP Daggerfall server, purely for fun and a few laughs.

If that sounds up your alley then we would love to have you! So send me a message or post a comment and I hope to see you in-game soon!
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