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ESO ELVES LOOK THE BEST mainly the altmer

Skyrim elves... so pointy and prominent, poised upon their pristine thrones in palaces far away. Poncy yet proud, poignant and pretty...

Jk I am not keen on skyrim elves
The females:n40f23gwm3jb.jpg
Doe eyed, and very intreguing looking. Elvish and recreatable in ESO 100%

Males:cparwdfqug3x.jpg hmmmm ok Interesting looking, probs could remake in ESO its just I like my ESO elves! Thess elves have no range for skin tone, and at least in oblivion my high elf could have nice blue eyes. Wood elves in skyrim imo can look pretty good, just high elf males inmy opinion need some extra care when creating one. Dark elves in skyrim and ESO are great and I think both work well.

People often complain ESO elves look too humanish, and as they are elves they are supposed to look"alien" and strange. Well!!!! I GOT NEWS FOR YOU.
take a look at ESO elves, they look like skyrim elves just smoothe and much more customisable. Of course, these are all my elves i have made, so keep in mineotivoljzy8kj.jpg
they all look similar.

SEE THE GLORIOUS ANGLES? THE LARGE ALIEN EYES? THE POINTED CHEEK BONES AND SIMPLY LARGE IRISES? this b perfect. Ty for coming to my speech, u mat leave ur offerings at the door
i love borzois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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