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Are these against TOS or ZOS allows it ?

When a member of your faction takes the scroll and moves to the enemy in attempt to die and trade it ?
Or when rambling around in his small ballgroup just to farm kills while holding scroll in the same time ?
  • kyle.wilson
    There is nothing in the TOS about giving away a scroll, same as zos not carrying about emp trading.

  • Kadoin
    We all need a little trolling sometimes!
  • idk
    Scroll trolling to farm AP has been done since the game launched. Some come up with great places to go with the scroll and for some reason, people just keep feeding them their AP thinking they are going to save the scroll.

    As for what might be called trading it, nothing can really be done about that. There was a situation as launch that was a real issue, being able to help an enemy player get behind closed gates to get the scroll, but that was quickly fixed. There is not a reasonable means to fix what OP is talking about.

    Edit: I would suggest an edit to the OP. As it stands now no one would even think this thread has to do with alliance scrolls. It is a very different type of trolling that would come to mind when looking at the title.
    Edited by idk on June 29, 2020 1:11AM
  • kijima
    I think the OP might not be aware of Emp trading, whats the current price? I know $900 usd was a figure thrown around a fair bit.

    There's gaming sites that openly advertise the sale of Emp.

    I guess there's a market for it.
    Been here since Feb 2014 - You'd think I'd be half reasonable at this game by now...

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  • xshatox
    I am curious di they get much AP farming with scroll? Most of the time they are ignored until scroll reset.
    I always thought most efficient way to farm AP is zerging since most of emperor is zerg member.
  • Oldaraness
    Yesterday night (night in Italy) on PC EU GreyHost a group of little poor baby players take Altadoon scroll with AD toons and bring the scroll to other faction.

    ...We AD can't defende the scroll and fun go away...

    If ZOS can't check and resolve this thing, playing Cyrodiil become usefull and not funny...
  • geonsocal

    PVP Campaigns Section: Playstation NA and EU (Gray Host) - This Must be the Place
  • Rianai
    Want to decide what happens with the scroll? Pick it up yourself. Easy.
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