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An addon that lets me lock items that meet a specific set of traits?


I'm looking for a fairly lightweight and simple addon that lets me pick a set of traits and gear types and lock them (or mark them in some way).

An example of a filter I'd like would be:

If armour weight = heavy and piece = legs and trait = infused then lock

FCO ItemSaver seems like it would do this but it'sd a lot of addon for what I want and it confused the life out of me when I installed it.

Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll!
  • Baertram
    There is no other addon doing this, sorry to say.
    FCOIS is just containing a lot of settings but all you need to do is disable all you do not want or like.
    It grew with the time and got a lot of features meanwhile. But removing them would be too much work, so just ignore what you do not need.

    Basic functions: All marked items are protected so you do not destroy, sell, deconstruct, extract them by accident.
    Filter buttons allow you to show/hide/show only these items.
    Mass marking possibilitesi at the "flag" icon.
    Auto-marking (set items->by trait, what you were searching for), recipes, researchable and other stuff as new items are looted, on login or also via the "flag" icon.

    Check the FAQ at the addon page of FCOIS on, maybe it explains a bit more for you.

    Setting you need are:
    Automatic marks->Set items->Weapon/Armor/Jewelry->Trait
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