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My 72+ gig update to 2.05 from 2.04?

Went to play ESO this morning and game prompted me to do an update. The update started early this morning and is over 72 gigs? I have seen it mentioned that it was a relatively small update, less than 1 gig, and I'm wondering why .... After I have already been updated to 2.04 and been playing it for weeks ... that I'm having to WAIST massive amount of time/data downloading what looks like the whole game again? This is very annoying. I haven't seen anyone else post on the problem, and am wondering if it's a fluke

The "update" is still downloading now at 8:11 PM and I have been unable to play today.

I will wait. But I"m not happy about it. Consider if I had DATA CAP on my internet downloads and the cost that would incur for 72 gigabytes of DATA. It's lame, and quite frankly unprofessional.
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