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Why aren't my Addons working anymore :(

Soul Shriven
I was wondering if anyone could help me try get my addons to work again. Up until 2 weeks ago everything was fine, had no problems whatsoever. Then when the Ts & Cs update happened my addons just stopped working. It auto turned them off when greymoor launched so i thought that might have been the issue but the entire folder is just completely empty.

I asked on the ESO university discord and people suggested it might have been a onedrive sync so I unistalled onedrive and even copied all the eso folders contents into the onedrive/ documents directory.

Other things I've tried are:
Repairing ESO using
Re-installing ESO, Minion and Steam twice
Running them as an admin
Redownloading all addons with and without minion.
Updating and Disabling my firewall
Updating my PC driver
Updating Windows 10
Updating the GeForce Apps

If anyone knows any other ways to update the addon folder location it would be greatly appreciated :) because I can't seem to figure it out.
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