Need help surviving Lord Warden fight.

I only started running vet dungeons a few months ago, and I have never beaten Lord Warden on vet, HM or not. Now, for much of that time, the Brace For Impact synergy was bugged, making it literally impossible for my groups to win the fight. It looks like that's finally fixed, but I am still too squishy to stay up and complete the fight.

I'm a stamblade main, and that's what I feel most comfortable with playing, so that's what I working with here. The main problem for me is the Shadow Orbs that pop up around the room and rapidly suck the life out of me. If I successfully success use the synergy, I'll still take some damage, and I often fall right near a cluster of those orbs, and they just suck the rest of my life out of me before I can get away, recover, heal, and get back in the fight. If someone else needs rezzing, those orbs make it nearly impossible to survive the whole rez time if I'm near one. Having one person, much less two, people down in that fight drags the rest of the group down, and I don't want to be that person. I also just want my damn helm finally.

So, main question about the orbs: what type of damage are they? They're not physical damage. I slot Reviving Barrier a lot of times, so that I can pop it in case I need to rez one or more players during a hard fight, and it doesn't mitigate any damage from those orbs. Is it magic damage? If so, can I respec my CP resistances (I'm CP810) to work against that? Or is it some other sort of separate drain health effect that I need to heal my way out of or throw on enough health focused gear so I'm less squishy or what?

Even if I survive the orbs, the rest of the fight is still pretty brutal, so again, if a lot of the attacks are magic damage and I can build up resistances against that, that would help me probably quite a bit. Or maybe not. That's why I'm here. The only self-heal I have is Vigor, because I'm DW/Bow. I typically use blue max stam/health food or Longfin. I use weapon damage/crit potions.

I know the mechanics well enough, having done this fight quite bit, but there's just so much crap in the room that I can't survive long enough, and forget about doing my DPS duty of rezzing anyone else.

Just looking for any insight into what I might change so I can finally get this monkey off my back. Thank you.
  • r3turn2s3nd3r
    If you're running with a healer, this really shouldn't be an issue. If you're running 3 dps, just have tank pull Lord Warden to as safe as an area as they can. With 3 dps, unless group dps is really low, there really shouldn't be a whole lot of orbs around and you can skip portals entirely. Just burn him until crystal phase, build ultimate back up on shades before you take the last one down and basically rinse repeat.

    Dark cloak and vigor should be enough to survive the orbs if you have to play the portal mechanic. You really want to be at full health before jumping into a portal though. But, honestly, just burn him fast and the fight is trivial even on HM.

    I'm not entirely sure what type of damage it is, but I think it's oblivion damage. Which cannot be blocked or shielded, only out healed.
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  • CasgarTheSomnolent
    Update. My PUG just beat him on HM. Mostly I think this came down to just having a good tank and a good group in general. Took a few tries, but we got it.

    Things I changed:

    I used Artaeum Takeaway Broth as my food. I reslotted Mirage just for that extra bit of defense. I made sure to hit Vigor as soon as I fell and then I dodge rolled out of the orbs as fast as possible.

    Mainly, though, a good group makes a huge difference.
  • LadyNalcarya
    If it's still bugged, the best way would be to dps him down fast enough to make him go from one splitting phase to another without portal phase and then execute while he's attempting to fly (you can still target him as he charges that oneshot attack). It's probably not pug friendly, but safe, I've done this many times.
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