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Official Discussion Thread for "Introducing the Nightfall Crown Crate"

This is the official discussion thread for the "Nightfall Crown Crates Bring Monstrous New Goods to Tamriel" blog article.

Prey on Tamriel with the sinister selection of items and consumables found within the upcoming Nightfall Crown Crates.

Here's a full list of all the rewards contained in Nightfall Crown Crates:

Radiant Apex Rewards:
  • Cursebound Senche-raht Darkfang
  • Cursebound Sabre Cat Prowler
  • Cursebound Lichsteed

Apex Rewards:
  • Cursebound Bear
  • Cursebound Horse
  • Cursebound Kagouti
  • Cursebound Sabre Cat
  • Cursebound Wolf
  • Accursed Death

Epic Rewards:
  • Thrall's Arterial Map Body Marks
  • City Isle Tunic Dress
  • Innkeeper
  • Play Tiny Violin
  • Psijic Cosmic Starburst
  • Thrall's Arterial Map Face Marks
  • Dibella's Crescendo Tam
  • Spirited Soubrette Round Cap
  • Wayrest Canto Chapeau
  • Accursed Gray Reliquary
  • Brown Steeple Bat
  • Dappled Cactus Bat
  • Frostbite Spider
  • Shadowswift Bat
  • Snow Throat Fruit Bat

Legendary Rewards:
  • Karthwatch Jarl Finery
  • Morthal Jarl Finery
  • Tame Lightning
  • Falkreath Frolic
  • Ancient Nord Gate
  • Vampiric Fountain, Bat Swarm
  • Greymoor Tapestry, Harrowstorm
  • Druadach Mountain Bear
  • Karthstalker Sabre Cat
  • White Spotted Courser
  • Runic Seabrume
  • Frosthaunt Glister
  • Greymoor Lycanthrope Axe
  • Greymoor Lycanthrope Greatsword
  • Greymoor Lycanthrope Bow
  • Greymoor Lycanthrope Shield
  • Greymoor Lycanthrope Staff

Superior Rewards:
  • Blood Scion Razorguard
  • Morthal Jarl Circlet
  • Bards College Skald Body Marks
  • Forsaken Sacrifice Body Markings
  • Karthwatch Guardian Body Tattoo
  • Umbral Snarl Body Markings
  • Bite Me
  • Ponder Poorly Drawn Map
  • Bards College Skald Face Marks
  • Forsaken Sacrifice Face Markings
  • Karthwatch Guardian Face Tattoo
  • Umbral Snarl Face Markings
  • Seafarer's Crowning Trim
  • Karthwatch Spangenhelm
  • Traditional Wizard's Cowl
  • Alabaster Jerboa
  • Rihad Coffee Scorpion
  • Tu'whacca's Sphynx Cat
  • Twilight Striped Lynx
  • Whiterun Mottled Goat

(Please note: A small number of the Nightfall Crown Crate item cards are missing the item image when in the Crown Crate open screen - example below. This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future incremental patch.)

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Staff Post
  • Integral1900
    Err, hi

    Sorry to be pedantic but the link doesn’t seem to lead to a blog article, just the one for Greymoor

    Show us pretty pictures please 😇
  • MagicalLija
    Thank you ZoS for the bat pets. Love you so much.
  • Aptonoth
    Waiting for next month crown crate leak. Though I suspect I’ll be getting this one instead as I love the radiants.
  • Turelus
    Will give you my 1800 gems for the Lichsteed... plz?

    Well I won't waste money gambling for it, but will take a stab and hope the impossible RNG favours me.
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
    "Don't count on others for help. In the end each of us is in this alone. The survivors are those who know how to look out for themselves."
  • Aptonoth
    I like all the radiant apex this time. So that means I’m a go for the attempt as I could use any.
  • Aptonoth
    Bleakraven wrote: »
    It would be amazing if each item would be followed by a picture of said item! :)

    There is 6.0.0 datamine and in game can right click to preview all contents even radiant apex.
  • NoodleESO
    Is nobody gonna list the common rewards? :/
  • Scribblz
    Soul Shriven
    Does the new weapon skins have any weapon glow like the current weapons?
    Xbox EU Scribbly Dark elf Warden
    PC EU Doctor Milk Breton Sorc Healer
  • Parasaurolophus
    Runic Seabrume... ZoS.... What?
  • kaisernick
    Of course they bloody throw the nord door furnishing into a *** crate.
  • Cerbolt
    Kinda disappointed with the apex mounts they're just death hounds with shiny collars :/
    EU PS & PCDreythos - Vampire Dunmer Nightblade - EPMa'zak - Khajiit Sorcerer - AD
  • ArchMikem
    A Vampiric Senche-Raht mount that anyone can just sit on...

    I'm becoming more disillusioned with this game's path in cosmetics.
    CP1,600+ Master Explorer - AvA Legate - Console Peasant
  • Jayne_Doe
    Overall, this looks to be a better season than Gloomspore, as there are actually a few items that I like. Some I'd purchase directly, if I could. But alas, they'll never be in my collections since I don't buy crates and already spent all my free gems. Well, I have 90 gems left, so I guess that would get me a couple epic items. :D
    Edited by Jayne_Doe on June 17, 2020 9:31PM
  • Integral1900
    Okay, well thanks for the pictures

    Saved me a few gems at least, there is literally nothing there I want

    Swear these crates are getting worse lol

    How about doing something in there to remedy the insane gender dimorphism in character creation (probably a bit optimistic lol) 😇

    Or give a normal skin to hide that hack job vampire look 🤮
  • Jaimeh
    The inn keeper costume with the soubrette round cap :smiley:
  • Thannazzar
    ArchMikem wrote: »
    A Vampiric Senche-Raht mount that anyone can just sit on...

    I'm becoming more disillusioned with this game's path in cosmetics.

    A vampiric senche raht that 0.0033% of players will be able to sit on you mean.
  • Ratinira
    Snipes007 wrote: »
    Oh yeah more gambling...can’t wait until it’s banned in games!

    Someone is threatening you with gun forcing to buy that crates? 🤔
  • Aelsioln
    Very excited for these crates! Crossing my fingers for certain items though most everything looks amazing.
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