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ESO Maze League Guild - ( Compete in weekly mazes for prizes and more )


Guild Name in Game: Maze League

The Maze League will consist of themed contests in which players can compete to be the first to finish and be crowned the Maze Champion! + GOLD PRIZES

Every few weeks, a new THEMED design and maze adventure will be constructed. These mazes include a variety of elements such as your traditional maze and labyrinth, clues, obstacles, scavenger hunts, minor parkour, swimming, jumping, and much more!

Each maze will have a varying level of difficulty with emphasis on different types of categories such as using clues to find the hidden paths. Overall, the mazes will not utilize very difficult jumping patterns and obstacles but instead, reward the keen eye.

The goal is to create a fun and challenging experience involving discovery and competition!
*First chance at sign ups for events
* Housing and Furnishing oriented
* Involved in future contests
* Highlighted on the ESO Maze League Website
* Reduced entry free costs
* More to come soon!

**We expect members to be friendly, social and active within the maze events and guild community! Talk shop about housing and more! Come have a good time!**

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out :smiley:
Our first event! Saturday 6/13 at 2pm est!
10k entry fee
Winner takes 70% of entry pool up to 154k Gold plus featured on the website!
(open to non guild members as well)

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