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Looking to join (or create) Guild

Hello there!

Veteran player here looking to get back into the game a little more with a friendly group or unite with others maybe looking to create something new!

List of what I'm looking for in a guild.
-smaller active guild, around 100 members
-mature guild, 30+, I'm an old man ...well 40s 🤣
-active Discord, in game chats. I don't really voice much except in groups.
-friendly, which seems obvious, but I've been invited into guilds that were "friendly" and said hello thanks for the invite and not a single welcome.

Desperate times may call for desperate measures. The biggest problem I run into is guilds are just busting at the seams with people and it just becomes hard to really fit in.
I'm a solo player mostly because the small group I used to run with moved on. Itd be nice to get that , or something similar back.
I have a guild name already picked out which isnt exactly as timely clever as it may of been a year ago.
St Elsweyr's Fire

My psn is Isiot_X
Happy Hunting!
  • jgirard685
    Hi i have an ad pvp guild if you would like to join we aren't at 100 players like you are wanting but we are growing every day it donst matter if you have never pvped before we are happy to teach you if your interested message me on psn ThyMapleMoose or join the discord https://discord.gg/Wa5MNvb we are always happy to help have a great day
    Edited by jgirard685 on July 31, 2020 8:36AM
  • Toxic365
    Hey man I am the GM of the guild RECKLESS and we are a small startup PVE guild. Fully active discord and would love to have you!
  • mrjustjerzb14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    We might sound like a bunch of low-life murderers and blood thirty assassins, but we're just like you. Questing, raiding, trading, sacrificing, etc. We do it all. It's just a couple of us right now as this guild was made just a few days ago. But you should join the family and we can serve SITHIS together.

    (As I said, we're still in the early stages of creation so no guild trader or anything like that. We're mostly adults who work during the day and play nightly. I'm hoping to find more people like us. But yeah, we're cool. Come check us out. Shoot me a message if you wanna grow with us.)
  • WicledGirl_CA
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Isiot_X

    Are you still looking for a guild? FEAST is a small and growing guild. We currently have around 70 players with a small group of core players that play regularly. Many of us are in your age range. If you want to be left alone to play solo there’s no pressure to join any events. However if you need help there are people online willing to help out with any content. We’re a pretty laid back, mature, friendly and respectful group of players. If you’re still looking for a small to midsize-sized group to run with, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.

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