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[RiOT][EU]- All Content guild recruiting!

Soul Shriven
About us:

The Civil Rebels [RiOT] is a long running PvX/PvP focused community that dates back nearly a decade. We consist of members from various games we have played. We have recently returned to Elder Scrolls Online with about 25 players,With a mixture a New and Exp players. We plan on participating in most end game, trials, pledges, AvA, duels, HM dungeons etc..
Great chance for new players to join and progress with the guild or veterans to help and chill.

Over the years, we've gone through various forms and sizes, but our core values have never changed. We are a competitive guild that constantly tries to improve. We are PvP focused, but we still give space for the PvE aspects of the game. Our play style is hardcore but our temperament is casual.

We have chosen to play as Ebonheart Pact for AvA. Its not imperative that you have an EP toon but should work towards levelling for group PvP.

What we're looking for:

Active players who want to improve and grow with us.
Committed players, no mercenaries please.
PvX players are welcome, but some PvP event participation will be required.
We will have some minimum gear and level requirements after a set time, for now all is welcome.

What we're offering:

Experienced leadership always willing to listen
Organised events with an element of competitive pvp
Multiple veteran raid leaders
Helpful and fun community
An extremely organised and active discord.

If you would like to join or for more information please contact anyone in discord. Cheers

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