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Sug/ques.: Shopbought dual spec-swap function (Swap of skills, abilities, CP, weapons, armor, etc.)

First off: This has probably been suggested before. And if everybody is bored to tears about it, I apologize.

But why does ZOS not offer a crown-bought unlock for a spec-swapping option?

I would gladly pay 5k crowns (or possibly more) for the permanent, account-wide opportunity to make a build specifically for my preferred role in dungeons/trials and/or PVP, and then auto-swap to that spec, when I entered the content, I built it for. (On zone-in)

This would allow me to design my char around solo-content (95% of the daily play) and then -also- design the second spec as the best healer (my personal preference) possible, without having to compromise on either role.

I know Dressing Room allows for gear and skill swaps on the bars. But I'm talking switching out the morphs, the ability-point distribution, CP's and so on.
Let gear sit on the char in a second tab, so it doesn't clutter my inventory... You get my drift.

The little I've asked about this, people tell me to get an alt.. I have.. But I don't enjoy having to level everything again and again, redo the stories every time, etc. It does not prolong my subbing and time spent in the game. On the contrary, it is the reason why I have historically dropped the game and my sub for long periods of time, when I got tired of not being able to efficiently play the various types of content, without having to first level a new char from scratch and then having to redesign them over again, once I was at the level to even start for instance the group content.
(Efficient measured in the point and gear-distribution. I'm not talking player-skill here.)

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