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Positional indicator for nearby friends addon?

Soul Shriven
Posted this in general, but it may be more applicable here.

Is there an addon that can highlight nearby friends on the map? Like the chevrons that show when in a group? Is functionality like that even supported in the addon interfaces?

Background: Since story quests are so wildly inconsistent in ESO when doing them as a group (e.g. conversations get ended for everyone when one group member finishes, quest steps get triggered when one group member approaches a target, regardless of whether or not all group members are present, etc.), my static group is trying to find ways to combat it. So far, the best way appears to be to just not group up. But not being able to see each other on the map is a sticking point. If there was a way to show friends on the map without having to be grouped with them, it would "fix" our issues with the quest system.

I did a quick perusal of the addons database, but nothing stood out. Any ideas or suggestions?
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  • Baertram
    If you are not grouped you cannot achieve this via addons.
    No positions can be obtained without grouping up.
    And there are several group relates addons showing custom pins, their role, revive helpers etc. already, just search for "group", "party" or similar with the addon search on
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