What is your current build in Greymoor?

Hello, mag necro here, I am primarily interested in mag builds, but you can post stam too if you want, that would be interesting also. I decided to make this post because there isn't anything new on Greymoor builds, and I really need some input. Since the new changes my build was totally destroyed, and I haven't figured it out yet.

PS: any class is welcome.
  • Grandma
    magsorc still theorycrafting as i'm still leveling. Setups i'm thinking of-
    1. Spinners [front bar, vma resto back for rapid], shacklebreaker body, 2 spell power monster sets
    2. Crafty Alfiq, bright-throat's boast, 2 spell power monster sets. drink is spring-loaded infusion.

    1 gets a pinch more SD and pen on front bar which could prove useful, and having room for an arena weapon back bar sounds great [although maybe vma resto isn't great for rapids since it's so quick to run out]
    2. has wayyy more resource into magicka which is more versatile than straight damage because it can be used for shields or streaking or heals instead of just boosting the power of those marginally. However, comes with no other stats basically. no substantial pen to speak of, low stam pool. Originally I have infused on chest, head and legs with mag but i might go prismatic just to help with the stam pool. Also infused SD on jewels may help more for the lack of SD.
    GH / 3/04/2021 / Elemental Catalyst Necromancer
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