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[PC/EU] - Praetopia - PvE & Social

Soul Shriven
Praetopia - PC - EU - PvE, Social - Discord

Hello there fellow Tamriel enthusiasts!

Praetopia is a friendly social guild that has recently come out of its 'core' stage, but now that our guild is starting to grow, we're running weekly events and just plain having fun together.

Guild events will include:

- Raffles

- Skyshard Tours

- World Boss Runs

- Public Dungeon Runs

- Craglorn Tours

- Group Daily Runs

My Guiding Philosophy

Praetopia is a fledgling guild idea, the love-child of my creativity, and built on the foundations of communication and cooperation. We won't be competing on a large scale; there's already a lot of guilds out there for that.

I run a DnD game weekly during quarantine, and outside of my preparation for that I wanted to take on this project to fill the rest of my time.

My guiding philosophy is that all maps should be completed by as many fellow completionists as possible, with as few restrictions as possible. This means we'll take absolute brand-new newbies on dungeon runs for example, and are in no way elitist.

Since creating this guild we have opened up an all-access guild bank and I personally am going to be focusing on crafting weapons and armour for new players to help support them through their own exploration, and we would encourage you to explore Tamriel as you see fit, just with a little bit extra help should you need it.

We're by no means a hardcore endgame guild. We may in the future work towards trials/veteran content, but at the moment we don't want to be restrictive about who joins and are open to suggestion.

What you can expect from us

- A consistent guild event schedule

- Help with crafting, including full training gear if you need it - please be patient

- 1-to-1 help in terms of completing that extra pesky mission

- Plenty of friends to run dungeons and other content with

- A non-discriminatory, pg-13 environment

- A small, tight-knit, team

- Dedicated discord server, with special titles/roles which will translate ingame

- (WiP) Guildhall, complete with Guild Storage, Crafting Stations, possibly more...

What we expect from you

- No racism/transphobia/etc etc

- No politics in guild chat

- For harder trials Discord is mandatory (only to listen, you're not expected to speak (we understand some people have social anxieties))

- Commitment to helping the guild grow, even willingness to take on roles if the need arises (moderator, small group runs, time-zone differences)

How to join

I'm online most afternoons 12-6pm BST, and my other recruiters are online most other times (based all around EU).

I'm PreamWolfe - other recruiters are ElvenKaos and theadum

Please reply to this message with your ingame username, and someone will be in touch to schedule an interview - alternatively you can join our Discord: https://discord.gg/PJKWRVB

All the best, may your swords stay sharp, and may your arrows always find their mark.
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