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Changes to PC Incremental Patch Cadence

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Hello everyone!

As you may have seen in our recent article on the website, we’re really excited to launch ESO on Stadia on June 16. Because PC and Stadia players will share the PC megaservers, there are a few minor changes to the PC patch cadence that we’d like to bring to your attention.

Scheduled PC maintenances will continue to occur on Mondays, with the exception of next week’s incremental (6.0.6) which is currently scheduled for next Wednesday, June 3. Normally this would be on Monday, but we need a bit of extra time to get fixes done and into the patch.

After that first incremental, there will be no new patches until after Stadia launches on June 16 – we need some time to get it ready and go through the Stadia certification process. We are scheduling the second incremental patch (6.0.7) for June 29, and moving forward, subsequent incremental patches will occur every other week. If an emergency arises, we’ll of course work with Stadia to get a patch published ASAP. So in general, PC incrementals will now occur bi-weekly, but if needed, we can update quickly.

Note this will not affect our ability to perform hotfixes, or affect any PTS patches or updates.

Thanks for all your ongoing support!
Gina Bruno
Senior Community Manager
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