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Aedric Spear damage

Which Champion Point skill improves the damage for Aedric Spear Puncturing Sweep? It seems very under-powered to me.
  • WrathOfInnos
    Master at Arms, Elemental Expert, Spell Erosion, and Elfborn.
  • AcadianPaladin
    Though not part of the CP system, one of the lightning staff passives (Ancient Knowledge) boosts AoE damage. Sweeps is AoE damage.
    PC NA(no Steam), PvE, mostly solo
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Puncturing Sweeps also benefits from the Burning Light passive to a major degree. That's a big part of its damage, and is taken into consideration when balancing the damage of the skill itself (without the passive).
    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
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