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Greymoor - back with a bang, crashing to computer login

Hey there,

I thought this issue, where the game suddenly crashes to your computer's login screen while still playing sounds and music in the background, had been addressed.

Well it's back.

Aside from anything it seems hard to diagnose as there is no crash report, so nothing to submit on a ticker, but it is happening regularly (ie more than once per game session).
  • BlueRaven
    I never thought it was fixed. It’s still happening to me. (Southern elsweyr is basically a no go area For me at this point.)

    Northern elsweyr and western Skyrim are problems for me as well, but it’s not as bad as southern elsweyr.

    Everywhere else? Fine.
  • Deter1UK
    Happened to me for the first time today

    I thought it might have been related to the OS automatic update last night

    But maybe not if it's an old bug?
  • ZOS_Bill

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  • boramil
    Same thing here. Many times it seems to happen when I use a wayshrine, even within the same zone. I get the quick load screen then crash to computer login. No crash dump, no nothing. ESO app still running and I can hear game sounds and everything but no way to get in short of a force quit and restart.
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