PC NA & EU Maintenance - 5/29/20 @ 2am EDT

Community Manager
Tomorrow morning beginning at 2am EDT, we’ll be taking the PC NA and EU megaservers offline for maintenance to apply a hotfix.

With the launch of Greymoor and Update 26, we identified an issue where the more people that logged into an area in the game, the longer it would take for abilities to fire off or other combat-related actions to complete (such as Light/Heavy attacks, mounting/dismounting, etc). This hotfix should greatly improve these situations where combat or abilities don’t appear to work properly, or where your latency meter would display some considerably high numbers. Please note that until this maintenance begins, you will continue to see issues with unresponsive combat on PC NA and EU.

We expect maintenance to take a few hours, and will put up a forum banner as soon as we have a better idea of timing.
Gina Bruno
Senior Community Manager
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